Pimentón de la Vera

Producer: Gualtaminos Origin: Extremadura, Spain

Gualtaminos Cooperative is made of producer members with small landholdings who grow and process three kinds of Spanish paprika: dulce (sweet), agridulce (bittersweet), and picante (hot) in the valley of La Vera in Extremadura, Spain. All of the processing of pepper into pimentón is carried out using the traditional methods of the Vera region. Each pepper is selected to contribute a specific taste profile to the pimentón. The individuality of Pimentón de la Vera is owed to the traditional drying system in drying houses made with sun-dried earth or rocks. The slow burning process lasts 15 days, guaranteeing a 15% maximum moisture content when the drying process has finished, permeating the product and creating a long-lasting light smoky taste, distinctive aroma and strong color. The dulce (sweet) pimentón is smooth on the palate, the agridulce (bittersweet) pimentón is slightly sharp on the palate, and the picante (hot) pimentón is decidedly hot on the palate.

Harvest Season:

Autumn; September to November

Recommended Uses

Add pimenton for spice and flavor while cooking.

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