Marzolino al Pomodor

Producer: Bertagni Origin: Tuscany, Italy

The tomato-rubbed rind lends an earthy depth to this young cow and sheep’s milk cheese from Tuscany. A study in umami, this cheese stands up among other cheeses or alongside a glass of Tuscan wine.


cow and sheep (pasteurized)

; Aged:

30 days

; Milk Source:

17 local farms

; Rind Style:

rubbed with dried tomato concentrate

; Breed:

Italian Brown cow, some Holstein cow; Massese and Garfagnina sheep

Flavor Profile

Aroma: cream of tomato soup

Texture: buoyant

Flavor: umami

Recommended Uses

Great as part of a cheeseboard selection or on its own with crusty bread or wafer thin slices of Prosciutto with fresh figs, or melted on roasted asparagus or in risotto.

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Cow and sheep milk (pasteurized), animal rennet, salt, lactic acid bacteria (selected sprinkled on the surface with tomato sauce).