Pau Sant Mateu

Producer: Formatges Can Pujol Origin: Catalonia, Spain

Made in the French washed rind style, Pau Sant Mateu is savory and meaty, full of aroma but versatile and easygoing in flavor.

Milk Type:

goat (pasteurized)

; Aged:

2-3 months

; Breed:

Murciano-Granadina breed

; Milk Source:

naturally raised goats at five local  farms

; Rind Style:


Flavor Profile

Aroma: cured meat

Texture: supple

Flavor: herbaceous hint

Recommended Uses

This cheese pairs wonderfully with both red and white wines and can be enjoyed with or without additional food.

Pau Sant Mateu Image
Item No.SizePackWeight
452102lb4/case8 lb


Goat milk (pasteurized), salt, animal rennet

2003: Gold Medal, NASFT Sofi Outstanding Cheese or Dairy Product