Marsala Wine Vinegar

Producer: Ravida Azienda Agricola Origin: Sicily, Italy

Ravida Marsala Wine Vinegar is an exciting new entry to the world of vinegars. Produced from a secretly guarded recipe, grape must (which is freshly pressed grape juice, skins, seeds, and stems) from the native Sicilian grapes (Grillo, Inzolia & Cataratto)  is allowed to ferment, then mature and age in wooden barrels for a minimum of four years to develop a complex and long lasting flavor. It is dry and brightly acidic, yet full of the richness & sweet flavors of Marsala wine.


4+ Years

; Grape Variety:

Grillo, Inzolia, Cataratto

Recommended Uses

This vinegar is ideal for the traditional uses such as salad dressing, sprinkled on raw and cooked vegetables, to enhance the acidity of rich meat dishes such as braises, and even sprinkled on strawberries and cheeses.

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