Toma Fontanacervo

Producer: Cascina Fontanacervo Origin: Piedmont, Italy

Toma Fontanacervo is made for all cheese lovers. Toma is a popular semi-firm washed-rind cheese made in northern Italy. Fontanacervo’s Toma is inspired by Robiola d’Alba and improves with time, just like with fine wines. The rind ripens and develops in color from white to deep yellow over the 4-6 months of aging. This cheese has an ivory-white paste, and is mild, buttery, and fragrant with floral aromas and juniper and thyme as strong notes. Its strong character is reminiscent of the clean mountain grasses from which it is made.



; Aged:

4-6 months

Flavor Profile

Mild, buttery, floral, and fragrant.

Recommended Uses

Best served as an apertivo, or melted in any dish, like risotto. Pairs well with red wine.

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Item No.SizePackWeight
FC01002kg2/case10 lbs


Pasteurized cow’s milk, vegetable rennet, cultures, and salt.

2015-2020, Slow Food Master of Taste Award