Our Team

a team of food lovers

Rogers Collection’s approach is simple: source and serve the finest goods from uncompromising, accomplished producers. Our incredible team is dedicated to this.


Carrie Blakeman
Collaborating with others who hold the same ethos and values as she inspires, Carrie builds a conscious community of food creators, culinary authorities, and consumers. Her day-to-day is focused on the importation of uncompromised goods, as well as telling the stories of these goods and their makers –- a task that involves complete transparency of the supply chain from farm or factory to plate. One interaction at a time, a true purist, Carrie champions producers’ work and labor of love–their merchandise – while upholding a smart and independent team also dedicated to this pursuit. She received a B.A. from Hofstra University. A 1988 study abroad trip to Italy confirmed Carrie’s admiration for good food and respect for tradition and culture. She’s dedicated herself to bringing that acumen to Rogers Collection for more than a decade. Whether at the office, meeting chefs and retailers all over the U.S. or venturing to Europe on a sourcing trip, she never goes anywhere without her “Pinch Me” tin of Halen Mon Sea Salt from Wales, and takes every opportunity to travel with, eat with and nurture her two beautiful daughters, Kyra and Teagan.


Jen Bonaccorsi
Jen credits her appreciation for food and importance of quality to her family. Her parents still drive over an hour on the weekends to get cheese and bread; making homemade pasta as a family during Christmas is a daylong event, and apple season evokes memories of taking a turn at her uncle’s hand crank cider press. Food eventually turned from passion into a career when she realized that the most gratifying experiences came when cooking for friends and family. This prompted an early exit from a socially responsibly mutual fund company where she had been working as a social analyst for five years after college, and enrollment at New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT. After graduating, Jen spent the next four years acquiring cooking experience at a variety of restaurants from fine dining, bistro, and farm to table to a bakery and had the opportunity to work under James Beard Nominated and awarded chefs. Through word of mouth, she discovered Rogers Collection and hasn’t looked back. “The opportunity to work at Rogers Collection and represent such dedicated and passionate producers making amazing ingredients is a true honor,” says Jen. “The families we work with remind me of my family; food comes first.” 


Jason Arela
Jason started working for Rogers Collection in April 2011 as a part time employee. In 2012, Jason became a full time employee. Prior to working for Rogers, Jason spent six years in retail. Jason has lived his whole life in New Jersey and a big passion of his is hockey. Living in New Jersey, he became a fan of the local hockey team the New Jersey Devils. He has been to many different hockey arenas to see the team play during his 20-plus years following the team. His hard work and dedication has paid off because he just became a first time home owner!


Karen Farber
Hailing from the “other” Portland, Karen has called Maine home for 15 years. Prior to joining Rogers Collection in the fall of 2015, Karen wrote software, wrote words, argued for civil rights and held down the office at one of Maine’s small batch, craft distillers. A dabbler in travel, Karen has taken multiple cross-country trips (by car and train) and eaten her way around and about the Mediterranean region. Currently, she is daydreaming about her next venture—the only certainty is that deep, full-bodied red wines and new foods will be involved.



Nigel Lindgren
Nigel grew up in a food-loving family where Mom and Dad cooked dinner every night. Encouraged to explore new foods from a young age, he has never forgotten the pleasant surprise he experienced the first time he tried eggplant at the age of three. Nigel graduated from Wheaton College in Massachusetts in 2010, where a fascination with describing the world around him in more detail led him to a major in English. The same fascination was applied to Portland’s thriving food scene after college, where he worked as a server and “wine guy” in restaurants for many years. Over this time, his nightly engagement in descriptive food and wine pairings caused a love and deep appreciation for quality ingredients to be born. Nigel cooks at home as much as possible, occasionally meeting up with his dad for an ultracompetitive pizza cook off, where Valserena Parmigiano Reggiano is always an essential ingredient. Nigel discovered Rogers Collection by chance, and is extremely happy to work with such a talented and fun-loving group representing some of the world’s finest producers. An athlete and passionate lover of the outdoors, Nigel can be found playing basketball, snowboarding, hiking, and fly fishing in his free time.


Tess Dunlap
Introduced to the gourmet food world through her interest and work in sustainable food systems management, Tess is happy to have found Rogers Collection, where she can merge her love for food and knack for storytelling. She was managing domestic logistics and shipping for Rogers in 2016 and 2017, and has since added the role of managing content for RC’s online platforms and internal systems. Tess has lived on both coasts for many years, graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 2014, and has experience working in food distribution in the Hudson Valley, NY. She can also be found mixing up cocktails, teaching gymnastics, and designing floral arrangements. Her favorite Mahjoub item from the collection is anything artichoke related!



Leska Tomash
Born and raised on rural Maine land, Leska grew up with back-to-the-land parents who maintained and cultivated a 40-acre homestead. Leska filled her childhood days partly by typing stories on the family’s old mint green typewriter. Later, she studied English and creative writing at Portland’s local university. Several years after graduating, she started occasional freelance writing for Rogers Collection while also working as a restaurant server. After 15 years at the farm-to-table, James Beard award-winning Fore Street restaurant, she and her husband opened their own place, revitalizing a shuttered old Portland haunt called Bramhall Pub into a subterranean speakeasy and they went on to open a few more restaurants. Through it all, Leska continued freelance writing for RC as well as for Specialty Food Association. In May 2020, Leska officially joined the Rogers team as our dedicated staff writer. Food has always been a part of her story – good food grown, raised, or produced by good people – and she looks forward to continuing this story with the RC family.

Ken Crerar
What they say about Italian-American mothers is true – and Ken’s mom is no exception.  Ken’s passion for good food and appreciation for high quality ingredients was taught to him by his mother who presided over the kitchen of the family home in Hamden, CT.  Her sauce recipe along with the ritual of the family meal and honoring the traditional foods of the seasons and holidays allowed Ken to understand food as a cornerstone of life with meaning greater than sustenance alone.  Extensive travels abroad further grew this appreciation and delight in discovering new tastes.  Ken wears many hats, including President/CEO of the Counsel of Insurance Agents and Chairman of Rogers Collection.  He lives in Washington, D.C. with his husband and two sons and can usually be found in the kitchen.

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