MonnaLisa Grottino

Producer: SALCIS Origin: Tuscany, Italy

Roughly 60 days after processing, SALCIS selects the best cheeses and moves them into natural caves of rock and tuff (a rock made up of volcanic ash). The cheese rinds are coated with flaxseed oil and hay for protection, and set to rest on pine wood shelves. Each cheese is monitored and turned at least once per week. The natural climate of the cave lets the Pecorino cheese age slowly, creating an unmistakable and distinct flavor. The rind develops an intense rusty color while the paste is white and compact, with a tendency to crumble. Accompany with a Chanti Classico DOCG.

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Item No.SizePackWeight
061042.2 lb2/case4 lb


Pasteurized sheep’s milk, rennet, salt