Monnalisa Marzolino

Producer: SALCIS Origin: Tuscany, Italy

A Marzolino is an Italian sheep’s milk cheese traditionally produced in the springtime when cows could finally feed on gresh grass; “Marzolino” in Italian means “March cheese.” At SALCIS, this 100% sheep’s milk cheese is made in the rolling hills of Tuscany outside Siena in this locally beloved spring style, however, they are made all year round (from their own flock of sheep and supplemented with milk from neighboring farms). Marzolino is aged a minimum of 3 months. Its natural mold-mottled rind and unique shape give this cheese a rock-like appearance that conceals a paste that is deceptively tender in texture. Its clean, milky, toasty and nutty notes and springy, supple texture make it an approachable snacking cheese – perfect for an aperitif.  Marzolino is a great melter and an incredibly versatile ingredient in the kitchen. 



; Aged:

1 month

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pasteurized sheep’s milk, calf rennet, salt.