Producer: Rey Silo Origin: Asturias, Spain

The debut of this special cheese is 11 years in the making! This is a new and different Spanish blue cheese, matured for six months in an underground cellar on the banks of the Nalón River in Asturias. Raw cow’s milk curds are cut by hand with blue green Penicillium roqueforti, salted, kneaded, and molded for aging. MAMÁ MARISA (Azul) is born from there: creamy, unctuous, floral, fruity, aromatic, and certainly blue. These are the first wheels on the market since this project began.

Milk :

Raw cow’s

; Aged:

6 months

Flavor Profile

creamy, salty, fruity and floral, persistent

How to Prepare

temper before serving

Recommended Uses

Use anywhere a blue would be highlighted!

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  • Azul – MAMÁ  MARISA Image
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Item No.SizePackWeight
R450778 kg wheel1/case19 lb


Raw cow’s milk, calf rennet, Penicillium roqueforti

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