Noir d’Olive Virgin Olive Oil

Producer: CastelaS Origin: Provence, France

This oil revisits the age-old traditions of Provence. The olives are hand-picked only when fully ripe. They are then stored in containers without oxygen for three days to ignite the fermentation process, recreating the taste of preserved black olives.

Olive Varietal:

Salonenque, Aglandau, Grossane and Verdale

; Oleic Acidity:


Flavor Profile

The oil has a sweet bouquet and mild flavor with black olive tapenade and truffle notes on the palate.

Recommended Uses

Serve this oil at room temperature in garlic-seasoned salads, or use it for making mayonnaise and for drizzling on toasted baguettes, mushrooms and mashed potatoes.

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CA0115500mL Bottle6/case14 lb838356001309
CA02003L Box4/case30 lb838356001323

2018, Silver, Concours General Agricole, Paris

2017, Gold, Concours General Agricole, Paris

2017, Silver, National Competition of Olive Oils with Origin, Nyons

2016, Gold, Concours General Agricole, Paris

2011, Gold, Concours National des Huiles dÕolive en Appellation dÕOrigine, Nyons

2010, Gold, Concours Provence-Alpes-C™te dÕAzur, Marseille