Cumbre de Trujillo

Producer: Finca Pascualete Origin: Extremadura, Spain

A provocation for the senses, this pasteurized sheep’s milk semi-cured cheese is made according to a centuries-old shepherds’ recipe. It has an ivory-white appearance and small, irregular eyes sprinkling a creamy but consistent texture. Very aromatic, the touch to the mouth is soft, with a warm impression and a frank, but well-balanced taste. This cheese recalls a well-evolved sheep’s milk curd and it all concludes with spicy nuances. Aged 45 days, Cumbre de Trujillo achieves the benefits of a pasteurized cheese while maintaining the nuances of a raw milk product. Spread on bread with honey, mixing the salty and sweet.

Milk type:

Sheep (pasteurized)

; Aged:

45 days

; Breed:


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Item No.SizePackWeight
R45340500 g6/case7 lb
R45339150 g6/case3 lb


Pasteurized sheep milk, rennet, milk enzymes, salt

2017, Silver, World Cheese Awards