Date Molasses

Producer: Kamā Origin: Jordan

This naturally sweet and refreshing molasses is made from boiled and strained Medjool dates whose juices are then reduced. It is a very laborious process that produces better results than a machine. Date molasses can be swirled into tahiniyeh on bread, or into yogurt or granola. It is also used well as a dessert ingredient, and even over meats and vegetables!


Flavor Profile

sweet and refreshing

How to Prepare

To be stored in dry storage at room temperature before and after opening.

Recommended Uses

Drizzle on fruit, yogurt, or granola – or swirl with tahiniyeh on bread for a Levantine version of PB&J. Even used as a marinade over meats and vegetables! A famous Levantine drink called Jallab is made with date molasses and rose water, crushed over ice.

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Medjool dates, water