Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)

Producer: Les Moulins Mahjoub Origin: Mejerda Valley, Tunisia

Nestled in the fertile Mejerda Valley of the south Mediterranean, women farmers handpick Chetoui olives from unspoiled sun-soaked Tunisian land. Stone milling and decanting a la feuille (by hand) creates an elegant oil for both cooking and finishing. Soft and clean on the palate, this unfiltered oil is the color of green apples with aromas of freshly picked vegetables, and a gentle lingering finish. This 500ml format comes in a screw top bottle and is organic.

Olive varietal:


; Oleic acidity:


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic) Image

Certified: Organic

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80304500 mL613.5 lb740913001380
80303250 mL1215 lb740613001403


100% extra virgin olive oil