Fermin Iberico & Serrano

Producer: Fermin Origin: Castilla y Leon

Fermin was started in 1956 by Fermin Martin and his wife Victoria Gomez. Using traditional knowledge of how to raise and mature the best Iberico pigs. Fermin helped generate a flourishing industry for both the family and the entire region. In fifty years Fermin has become a clear standard of reference for Spain’s Iberico pig products. Produced from free roaming Iberico pigs indigenous to the Iberian peninsula in Spain. (Popularly known as Pata Negra, or Black Hoof). Iberico bellota pigs feed exclusively on fallen acorns (called bellota) for three months prior to slaughter. The resulting meat is rich in high levels of flavorful, natural fats and healthy oleic acid, for which these pigs have gained international notoriety. Air-cured for 28-36 months.

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Item No.SizePackWeightUPC
F01031Serrano Jamon Bone-In2x18lb36lbs
F02020Serrano Jamon Boneless1x12lb12lbs
F02512Iberico Jamon15x2oz2.5lbs818003010496
F03012Iberico Chorizo15x2oz2.5lbs818003010663
F04012Iberico Salchichon15x2oz2.5lbs818003010823
F05012Iberio de Bellota Lomo15x2oz2.5lbs818003011912
F02022Serrano Ham15x2oz2.5lbs818003011813
F03010Iberico Chorizo10x7oz4.4lbs818003010601
F04010Iberico Salchichon10x7oz4.4lbs818003010809
F05025Iberico de Bellota Lomo 1/24x1.8lb8.5lbs818003011936
*Jamon = Ham
*Lomo = Loin

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