Fontina Valle d’Aosta DOP

Producer: Vallet Pietro Origin: Valle d'Aosta, Italy

The original “fonduta” melter, this cheese has kept many an alpine skier satisfied. Nuanced flavors of grass, hay and hazelnuts make for a perfect melting cheese.


cow (raw)

; Aged:

3 months minimum

; Breed:

Pezzola Rossa Montebianco, Pezzola Black, La Castana, Valdostena

; Rind Style:


; Milk Source:

cheesemaker’s brother’s herd

Flavor Profile

Aroma: sweet nuts

Texture: smooth

Flavor: fresh grass

Recommended Uses

Fontina is an excellent melting cheese and is often called for in recipes, but this one is flavorful enough to enjoy as is.

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Certified: DOP

Item No.SizePackWeight
0782019 lb. Fontina DOP Valle d'Aosta1/case19lb
0782219 lb. Fontina DOP d'Alpeggio *seasonal1/case19lb


Cow milk (raw), salt, animal rennet, lactic ferments