Producer: Bauma Origin: Catalonia, Spain

The pleasing, velvety one-of-a-kind rind and the fresh, tangy, herbaceous paste make Garrotxa a must-have in the case. Great for cheese lovers who haven’t ventured much past chevre when it comes to goat’s milk varieties.


goat (past.)

; Aged:

2-3 months

; Breed(s):

Murciano-Granadina, Malaguenya i Alpina

; Rind Style:


; Milk Source:

local farms

Flavor Profile

Aroma: fresh herbs and citrus

Texture: semisoft, moist and creamy

Flavor: buttery with an earthy tang

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Certified: DOP

Item No.SizePackWeight
451102lb4/case9 lb


Goat milk (past.), enzymes, animal rennet, salt

Best Garrotxa in Catalonia LACTIUM 2018