Granello di Capra

Producer: Caseificio Paje Origin: Piedmont, Italy

Granello di Capra is meticulously crafted following time- honored traditions. Its beautiful and rustic yellow-brown rind gives way to a distinguished paste with a medley of round flavors. As it matures, Granello di Capra transforms into a firm cheese while maintaining its creamy and refined undertones. Granello boasts the following tasting notes: rich caramel, toasty bread, hazelnut, and earth. Its nutty deep flavor makes it a great pairing with medium-bodied red wines, or as an exciting dessert accompaniment.


9 months

; Milk:

Pasteurized Goat

; Rind:


; Source:

Two Farms

Flavor Profile

Round and rich with caramel and nut flavors.

How to Prepare

Let it temper at room temperature before serving.

Recommended Uses

Great with red wine or dessert.

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PJ09004.5 kg wheels2/case20 lb


Pasteurized goat’s milk, vegetable rennet, salt.