Green Shatta with Za’atar Leaves

Producer: Kamā Origin: Jordan

Made from green chili peppers and thyme leaves handpicked from Jordan’s fields, this shatta is an innovative take on the traditional. With a distinct flavor, it will give a kick to any dish. Add to breakfasts and dips.

Flavor Profile

herbal and spicy

How to Prepare

To be stored in dry storage and at room temperature before opening. Once opened, keep refrigerated and upright with the lid closed tightly. To prolong freshness, top with olive oil.

Recommended Uses

Brush on top of meats or vegetables, dipped into cool labaneh, or add to any Levantine dish!

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KAS06238.5 oz6/case7 lbs.6253354700797


green chili peppers, thyme leaves, lemon juice, rock salt, extra virgin olive oil