Grey Mullet Bottarga Powder

Producer: Trikalinos Origin: Etoliko Lagoon, Greece

Since 1856, the Trikalinos family of Greece has been producing Bottarga, or cured grey mullet roe. Trikalinos Grey Mullet Roe Bottarga powder, produced exclusively from Grey Mullet Roe, is dehydrated, without preservatives but with all of the nutritional value of Bottarga. Use it as “salt & pepper” (just a pinch) before serving: it will enhance the aroma of boiled and grilled fish and make them a dish worthy of Michelin stars. Even a plain seafood or vegetable risotto will take off!

Recommended Uses

Use a pinch (like salt) to any finished seafood dish!

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Certified: Kosher by The Jewish Community of Athens

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Grey mullet roe (bottarga)

2017, “Best Brand Award,” Athens Chamber of Commerce