La Cabezuela Tradicional Semi Curado

Producer: Royuela Cheese Company Origin: Madrid, Spain

Delicate hand-salting allows for the flavor expression of the fresh goat milk with grassy and herbal notes. This cheese traces its lineage back to 1750 when it was a family farm cheese. It is catalogued in the Ministry of Agriculture list of Traditional Cheeses. During the two months of maturation, a natural mold develops, resulting in an edible white rind and upon tasting, leaves an aftertaste of fresh wild mushrooms.



; Aged:

2 months

; Breed:

Guadarrama goat

; Milk source:

local shepherds

Flavor Profile

Flavor: Grassy and Herbal

La Cabezuela Tradicional Semi Curado Image
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Thermized Guadarrama goat’s milk, animal rennet, Penicillium candidum, cheese ferments, and salt.