La Cabezuela Mr. Roy

Producer: Quesos La Cabezuela Origin: Madrid, Spain

An homage to buttery English cows’ milk cheddars, Mr. Roy is named after a Galician cheesemonger who introduced the cheesemaker Juan Luis to the producers in Lincolnshire and Devonshire Counties, from which he learned the techniques for making authentic English-style cheddars. Made using milk from the Guadarrama goats, this cheese ages for a minimum of 8 months. This cheese varies widely depending on the season it is produced and the characteristics of the pastures where the goats graze. Wheels produced in the spring – a rainy time of year when the goats forage on wet acorns – mold spores proliferate in a spontaneous way and create blue veins in the paste. The primary flavor is bright blue cheese with a slight bitterness on the finish, which comes from the thyme and holm oak acorns the goats consumed. Ever changing but always delicious, Mr. Roy beautifully encapsulates the ephemeral elements of the local environment.  


Thermized goat’s

; Aged:

8 months

; Breed:

Guadarrama goat

; Milk source:

Local shepherds

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CZ140024.25 lb1 wheel/case24 lb8437011841179


Thermized Guadarrama goat’s milk, kid rennet, cheese ferments, and salt.

2015, Silver, World Cheese Awards