Gorgonzola Lucifero

Producer: Arrigoni Origin: Lombardy, Italy

Like the spicy notes in Gorgonzola blues? Take it further with this hybrid: creamy young blue cheese + hot red pepper flakes. This playful riff knocks Pepper-Jack out of the ring!


cow (pasteurized)

; Aged:

2 months

; Milk Source:

one local farm

; Rind Style:


; Breed:

Italian Holstein, some Italian Brown Cow

Flavor Profile

Aroma: fresh pepper

Texture: mouth-coating

Flavor: hot pepper cream

Recommended Uses

Very similar to a gorgonzola with the addition of heat from the pepper flakes, this cheese pairs wonderfully with red and dried fruits such as figs.

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071003lb4/case14 lb


Cow milk (pasteurized), salt, animal rennet, hot pepper

2017, Silver, World Cheese Awards