Producer: Moncedillo Origin: Castilla-Leon, Spain

The milk for Moncedillo Madurado, a hard, pressed cheese, is sourced exclusively from a local cooperative with a single sheep breed which is 85 percent Churra (an ancient Iberian breed native to Castile and Leon) and 15 percent Assaf. The cheese’s paste is ivory colored and its aroma is a complex array of forest mushrooms and roasted nuts with hints of wood and spices. This cheese has an elegant acidity and persistent finish.  

Milk Type:

Raw sheep’s milk

; Aged:

3 to 4 months

; Breeds:

Single breed 85% Churra, 15% Assaf

; Rind Style:


; Milk Source:

Single farm

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Raw Sheep Milk, lactic ferments, ovine rennet extract and salt.