Mahón DOP Semi Curado and Curado

Producer: Quintana Origin: Balearic Islands

Menorca island, all wrapped up in a cheese! Sea winds, heavy rainfall, and high atmospheric humidity on the rocky island irrigate the pastures, giving the milk a high acidity and a touch of saltiness. The production of this cheese dates back to the Roman times and has always been an important industry for the people and farmers of the island. This semi-hard Quintana Mahón has all the tell-tale island cheese notes: bursting acidity, strong mineral flavors and a naturally salty note. With its paprika-rubbed rind it’s a star on the cheese board (and on the palate!). 

Milk Type:

cow (raw)

; Milk Source:

local producers

; Age:

3-4 months (Semi Curado)

8-9 months (Curado)

; Rind:


; Breed:

Menorquina and Fresian

Flavor Profile

Aroma: sea salt

Texture: toothsome

Flavor: bright heat

Recommended Uses

Mahón pairs perfectly with Spanish red wines such as Rueda, Mancha, Rioja or Ribera de Duero. It also goes nicely with many beers. In Spain it is often eaten both at breakfast and as a dessert when it is fresh and complimented by a white Cava. It also melts well and is often served warm over sautéed vegetables.

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Certified: DOP

Item No.SizePackWeight
45186 (Semi Curado)5 lb210 lb
45185 (Curado)5 lb210 lb


Cow milk (raw), animal rennet, paprika

2019-2020 Super Gold for Curado, World Cheese Awards

2018, 2017 & 2013, “Best DOP Artisanal Cheese of the Year” by the Ruling Council on DOP 

2017, Gold, Salon de Gourmets