Artisan Mead Vinegar

Producer: Artisan Vinegar Company Origin: Cornwall, United Kingdom

This vinegar is made from 100% raw honey from Cornwall. Artisan Vinegar Company takes the honey, ferments it into a mead, and then transforms that mead into vinegar using the same slow, natural process which they use to make their award-winning Artisan Malt Vinegar. Every drop is barrel-matured. Then it is drawn straight from the barrel – live, unfiltered, unpasteurized, unadulterated. They use absolutely no concentrates, extracts, sulfites, flavorings, colorings, or preservatives. Just tart wildflower honey goodness! This vinegar contains “the mother.”

Flavor Profile

floral notes with balance of sweet and acid 

Recommended Uses

Use in salad dressings or on vegetables!

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AMV500250mL6/case7.7 lbs5060100670461


mead vinegar

1 Star, Great Taste Awards, 2022