Producer: Finca Pascualete Origin: Extremadura, Spain

Finca Pascualete Mini torta is a unique handcrafted cheese. Finca Pascualete’s exceptional and pure raw milk comes from its own flock of Extremadura Merino sheep. Located in an optimal environment of more than 4000 hectares it is one of the largest private properties in the South-Eastern part of Spain. Finca’s flock grazes on a variety of arboreal species, natural grasses, wild flowers and indigenous herbs that grow naturally in the pastures.


Sheep (raw)

; Aged:

60-75 days

; Breed:

Extremadura Merino

; Milk Source:

their own sheep flock

Flavor Profile

The mini torta’s flavor is delicate yet distinctive, well defined and persistent on the palate, with hints of the pistils of the blue wild flower used in the curdling. The torta’s extremely creamy texture is due to the continuous daily rotation of the cheese. To enjoy this first class cheese you must first remove the top portion of the rind and leave it at room temperature for 4 to 10 hours before consuming.

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45320*140 gram/Mini Retortas6/case3 lb8437011123138


Sheep milk (raw), thistle (cardoon), vegetable rennet, salt

2022, Gold, World Cheese Awards
2017, 6th Best Cheese in the World, World Cheese Awards
2017, Best Cheese in Spain, World Cheese Awards
2017, Super Gold, World Cheese Awards
2012, NASFT Sofi Silver Finalist Outstanding New Product Award
2011, Gold, World Cheese Awards