Natural Black Olive Spread (organic)

Producer: Les Moulins Mahjoub Origin: Mejerda Valley, Tunisia

This olive spread is made with two varieties of olives that are native to Tunisia. Sahli black olives and a small percentage of Meski green olives are pitted and crushed to form a fine paste. This paste is mixed with extra virgin olive oil to produce a rich and intense spread. As with all of the Mahjoub products, this is produced using traditional farming methods with no additives or artificial processes. This product is organic.

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Recommended Uses

This Condiments & Sauces can be used as an hors d’oeuvre or on a sandwich with fresh tomatoes and cheese.

These condiments do not have preservatives. To make them last longer: keep upright, top with olive oil upon opening (can do this every use if desired), and refrigerate.

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Certified: Organic

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80431200g6/case5 lb740913001816
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Organic olives, organic EVOO, salt, organic herbs.

2010: SOFI Silver, Outstanding Product Line