Flor de Aceite Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)

Producer: Nuñez de Prado Origin: Andalusia, Spain

This oil is is gathered after the olives are crushed, but before they are pressed between mats. Only the oil that flows through with gravity is bottled in its unfiltered form. This oil has an extraordinary low oleic acidity of 0.1%, ten times lower than required to be labeled Extra Virgin. It is called Flor de Aceite, meaning flower of the oil, because many of the savory senses of smell and taste are concentrated within it.

Olive Varietal:

Blend of fourteen varieties, principally Picuda, Picual and Hojiblanca.

; Oleic Acidity:


Flavor Profile

This olive oil’s exceptional flavor is marked by hints of green apples, almond and burnt orange with a smooth and peppery finish.

Recommended Uses

An aromatic oil to drizzle over fish, vegetables, or a plate of jamon.

Flor de Aceite Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic) Image
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