Olive Oil with Citron (organic)

Producer: CastelaS Origin: Provence, France

This olive oil is obtained by simultaneously crushing olives (mainly of the Salonenque variety) and fresh Corsican citrons. The olives and citron blend at the beginning of the oil production process rather than during a post-production infusion. The Corsican citrons are known for their exceptional fragrance which develops as the fruit matures.  These characteristics then transfer to the olive oil.

Flavor Profile

Full aromatics of mandarin, lemon and grapefruit—an intensely citrusy nose.

Recommended Uses

This oil is a wonderful  match for white meats such as veal and chicken and with fish. It also offers a special touch as a finish to scallop carpaccio or pumpkin soup.

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  • organic certification

Certified: Organic

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Olive oil and citron