Producer: Moncedillo Origin: Castilla-Leon, Spain

Moncedillo Original is drained, rather than pressed, which creates a semi-soft paste. After coagulation, the curds are gently ladled into traditional basket molds and left to self-drain, and turned frequently in the first few hours as it takes on the basket pattern for its striking rind. The cheese’s aroma contains notes of sweet grasses and dried fruit. Its lactic flavor, rich and buttery, is followed by with hints of hazelnuts in the aftertaste. Made using vegetable (thistle) rennet and milk that is sourced exclusively from a local cooperative with a single sheep breed that is 85 percent Churra (an ancient Iberian breed native to Castile and Leon) and 15 percent Assaf. 

Milk Type:

Raw sheep’s milk

; Aged:

60 days

; Breeds:

Single breed 85% Churra, 15% Assaf

; Rind Style:


; Milk Source:

Single farm

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Raw sheep’s milk, lactic ferments, vegetable rennet and salt

2021, Gold, World Cheese Awards