Brown Cow Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

Producer: Valserena Origin: Emilia Romagna, Italy

Parmigiano Reggiano made with brown cow (Bruna Alpina) milk isn’t too far a cry from its Red cow and Fresian brethren, but for true afficiandos the difference is palpable: a bit sweeter with a very delicate complexity. Valserena’s variation on the classic ingredient cheese deserves to be highlighted in a simple risotto or grated liberally over pasta.

Milk Type:

cow (raw)

; Aged:

24 months

; Breed:

Brown Cow

; Milk Source:

Valserena Dairy

; Rind Style:


Flavor Profile

Aroma: sweet cream

Texture: granular

Flavor: candied nuts

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Certified: DOP*

Item No.SizePackWeight
00030Wheels, 88lb1/case88 lb
00035Quarters, 22lb2/case44 lb
00036Eighths, 11lb2/case22 lb
00039Wedges, 1kg10/case23 lb
00038Wedges, 300g15/case10 lb


Brown cow milk (raw), salt, rennet (calf)