Red Cow Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

Producer: Grana d'Oro Origin: Emilia Romagna, Italy

Traditional cheesemaking at its finest, every Parmigiano Reggiano fan should try the cheese made with the milk from Red cows (Vacche Rosse) as it was originally. Grana d’Oro’s Parmigiano Reggiano is made on the Catellani family’s single farm from their herd of 120 cows; they have been farming for over 80 years and are credited with bringing this breed back from extinction and forming the Vacche Rosse (Red Cow) Consorzio to protect its production. They make 4-5 wheels per day, and the cheese is aged an additional 12 months beyond the standard for regular Parmigiano Reggiano. The flavor is all the more complex and fabulous as a result. Tropical fruit flavors and a deep nuttiness shine through in this traditional rendition. Available in whole 80lb wheels and 300g wedges.

Milk Type:

cow (raw)

; Aged:

24 months

; Breed:

Red Cow

; Milk Source:

Grana d’Oro herd

; Rind Style:


Flavor Profile

Aroma: tropical fruit

Texture: granular

Flavor: savory

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Certified: DOP*

Item No.SizePackWeight
R0010083 lb wheel1/case83 lb
R00102300g wedge10 x 300g7 lb
R0010418 lb piece (quarter)1/case18 lb
R001059 lb piece (quarter)1/case9 lb


Cow milk (raw), salt and rennet (calf)

2022, Silver, World Cheese Awards

2015, Super Gold, World Cheese Awards

2014, Gold, World Cheese Awards

2013, Silver, Concours International des Fromages et Produits Laitiers de Tours