Pastura con Trufa

Producer: Finca Pascualete Origin: Extremadura, Spain

The best type of truffle cheese, Pastura con Trufa highlights the eye-opening notes in black truffle while not losing what’s special about the milk. Rich, buttery with notes of nutmeg, warmed milk and a hint of lanolin, this is a complex yet subtle gem.


sheep (pasteurized)

; Breed:

Extremadura Merino

; Aged:

at least 15 days

; Rind Style:


; Milk Source:

their own sheep flock

Flavor Profile

Aroma: forest floor, truffle

Texture: bouncy

Flavor: creamed truffle

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R45353380 g8/case7 lb


Sheep milk (pasteurized), animal rennet, salt, black truffle

2022 & 2017, Silver, World Cheese Awards