Producer: Quesos de Hualdo Origin: Castilla la Mancha, Spain

Pi is the softest of the cheeses made with raw milk from the many free roaming Manchega sheep on the Hualdo Farm. The wheels are left with more moisture in the curd at the time of draining, which allows its texture to soften. Pi has a rough moldy/bloomy rind with blue-green hints from the growth of Penicillium roqueforti. This cheese has a slightly acidic and delicious earthy flavor; the smooth paste is sweetly herbaceous, creamy with a slight crumble, and long finish.


2-3 months

; Milk:

raw sheep 

; Breed:


; Rind:


; Source:

single farm

Flavor Profile

fruit, fermented hay, grain, nuts – with a spicy finish. deliciously herbal and earthy

How to Prepare

Temper at room temperature before serving.

Recommended Uses

Pairs well with bread, citrus fruits, and sparkling wine.

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Item No.SizePackWeight
QD0315700g wheels6/case10.5 lbs


Raw sheep’s milk, lactic ferments, lamb rennet, vegetal coagulant, and salt.

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