Queso Manchego Artesano PDO

Producer: Quesos de Hualdo Origin: Castilla la Mancha, Spain

This is a traditional Manchego cheese made with raw milk from the many free roaming Manchega sheep on the Hualdo Farm. The wheels are turned and brushed regularly (on wooden boards, which imparts a woody, vegetal flavor) throughout their maturation. The color of the paste deepens as it ages. This cheese has a firm and buttery texture on the palate with notes of nuts and cereal. This Manchego is aged for 7 months.


7 months

; Milk:

Raw Sheep

; Breed:


; Rind:


; Source:

Single Farm 

Flavor Profile

buttery, nutty, sweet

How to Prepare

temper for 20 minutes to room temperature before slicing

Recommended Uses

Pairs well with fig jam and olive oil.

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Item No.SizePackWeight
QD01302.8kg wheels2/case11.8 lbs.
QD0100200g wedges15/case5.3 lbs.


Raw sheep’s milk, lactic ferments, lamb rennet, salt.