Red Shatta

Producer: Kamā Origin: Jordan

Made from fresh red chili peppers local to Jordan, a dash of this shatta is a daring addition to any dish and completes any table spread. This is used on top of most Levantine dishes; liken it to harissa in Tunisia!

Flavor Profile

a hot, daring kick to any dish

How to Prepare

To be stored in dry storage and at room temperature before opening. Once opened, keep refrigerated and upright with the lid closed tightly. To prolong freshness, top with olive oil.

Recommended Uses

Add to anything! Eggs, hummus, falafel – or add a spoonful to a mezze, or spread over a sandwich for an intense flavor. Whisk into a tomato-based cooking sauce, or add a fiery touch to rice and stews while cooking. Try with fritters and nachos, or dip your bread in shatta for the purest experience.

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red chili peppers, apple cider vinegar, citric acid, rock salt, extra virgin olive oil