Producer: Moncedillo Origin: Castilla-Leon, Spain

Moncedillo Red has a semi-soft paste and a rind that is dusted with bittersweet Pimentón de La Vera around day four of the production process. Pimentón de La Vera imparts a gentle smoke into the paste and a beautiful hue on the rind. The flavor is sweet with fruit notes and balanced salt and the finish slightly smokey. This cheese is made with vegetarian rennet (thistle) and milk exclusively sourced from a local cooperative with a single French sheep breed called Laussane. The cheese is made in traditional basket molds and left to self-drain, and turned frequently in the first few hours as it takes on the basket patterned rind.

Milk Type:

Raw sheep’s milk

; Aged:

60 days

; Breeds:


; Rind Style:


; Milk Source:

Single farm

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Raw sheep’s milk, lactic ferments, vegetable rennet, brine and Pimentón de La Vera