Sant Mateu (Pau)

Producer: Can Pujol Origin: Catalonia, Spain

Quixart’s Pau is a Sant Mateu cheese, which means it is a pasteurized goat’s milk cheese of orange color due to the unique rind. His milk comes only from his own herd and the area’s natural flora comprises much of the goats’ diet and imparts a unique savory flavor to his cheese. He ages it 10-12 weeks when the cheese reaches its optimal flavor specifically for Rogers Collection. Made in the French washed rind style, Sant Mateu (Pau) is savory and meaty, full of aroma but versatile and easygoing in flavor.

Milk Type:

goat (pasteurized)

; Aged:

2-3 months

; Breed:

Murciano-Granadina breed

; Milk Source:

naturally raised goats at five local  farms

; Rind Style:


Flavor Profile

Aroma: cured meat

Texture: supple

Flavor: herbaceous hint

Recommended Uses

This cheese pairs wonderfully with both red and white wines and can be enjoyed with or without additional food.

Sant Mateu (Pau) Image
Item No.SizePackWeight
452102lb4/case8 lb


Goat milk (pasteurized), salt, animal rennet

2003: Gold Medal, NASFT Sofi Outstanding Cheese or Dairy Product