Producer: Quesos de Hualdo Origin: Castilla la Mancha, Spain

Sigma is an aged sheep’s milk cheese reminiscent of alpine traditions aged on wooden boards. Exposing the curds to temperatures over 40ºC imparts toasted, buttery pastry and toffee notes. Sigma has a natural, brushed rind with a supple paste. On the palate is fermented butter, cereal, and sweetness. Sigma is aged for 7 months.


7 months

; Milk:

Raw Sheep

; Breed:


; Rind Style:

Natural brushed

; Rennet:


; Farm Source:


Flavor Profile

nutty and sweet

How to Prepare

temper the cheese at room temperature for 20 minutes before slicing

Recommended Uses

Pairs well with roasted pumpkin, brioche bread, and sweet wine

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Item No.SizePackWeight
QD02302.2kg wheel2/case9.75 lbs.
QD0200200g wedges15/case6 lbs.


raw sheep’s milk, lactic ferments, lamb rennet, salt.

2024, Gold, Frankfurt International Cheese & Dairy Products Trophy
2022, 2nd Place, Raw Cured Sheep’s Milk Cheese, 13th Gourmet Quesos Championship