Producer: Kamā Origin: Jordan

Sumac bushes are native to the Middle East, and the berries are ground into a spice blend in many cultures. Kamā deseeds, sun-dries, and grinds these exquisite, tart sumac berries into a course aromatic powder to be used in many Levantine dishes. It is also a main ingredient in za’atar. Use generously on roast chicken or vegetables, or sprinkle on your salad.

Flavor Profile

tart and aromatic

How to Prepare

Sumac should be stored in dry storage and in room temperature before and after opening. Note – if shipping in a refrigerated truck, the product can get clumpy at cold temperatures. Please store at room temperature a soon as it is received and allow 48 hours for the product to return to its original consistency.

Recommended Uses

Use generously on roasted chicken and vegetables, or in salad dressings.

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100% ground sumac