Tierra Vieja Sherry Vinegar (Organic)

Producer: Vinagres de Yema Origin: Jerez, Spain

This DOP Organic vinegar is made using the traditional solera-cridera method of aging and contains solera that is 5 years old, which is when these Palomino grapes were first certified organic. The minimum aging period of this sherry vinegar is 24 months. The vinegar itself is light golden in color and will not dampen the colors of the vegetables or proteins with which it is paired.


Contains solera of 5 years

; Acetic Acid:


; Grape Variety:

Palomino Fino

Flavor Profile

Youthful acidity merries with a shadow of complexity on the finish.

Recommended Uses

Tierra Vieja pairs very well with seasonal vegetables and as a flavorful vinaigrette.

Tierra Vieja Sherry Vinegar (Organic) Image

Certified: DOP*, Organic

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