Pecorino Tuada

Producer: Bertagni Origin: Tuscany, Italy

An older Tuscan Pecorino, Tuada (Italian for “cellar”) bridges the gap between the younger Tuscan Pecorinos and the more aged Roman-style Pecorino Romano. Fabulous when shaved over salads and adds serious depth when grated over pasta.

Milk Type:

sheep (pasteurized)

; Aged:

8-9 months

; Breed:

Massese and Garfagnana

; Milk Source:

from 17 small local farms

; Rind Type:


Flavor Profile

Aroma: lanolin

Texture: dry

Flavor: burnt caramel

Recommended Uses

Enjoy Tuada together with cured meats, savory vegetable creams and bread. Grate it on pasta, and ravioli. For something different try it with a Mantuan mostarda.

Pecorino Tuada Image
Item No.SizePackWeight
081007lb2/case15 lb


Sheep milk (pasteurized) salt, animal rennet (lamb), lactic ferments

2004: Gold Medal at the European Mountain Cheese Olympics, Sheep Cheese Category