Tunisian Baklouti Pepper Flakes (organic)

Producer: Les Moulins Mahjoub Origin: Mejerda Valley, Tunisia

Baklouti peppers are harvested at the peak of their maturity and then dried in the sun before getting reduced to small flakes. This process of drying, preserving, and concentrating flavor has been practiced by the Berbers for centuries. The whole peppers are dried in the warm sun for 5-7 days, making them crunchy in texture. Once dried, they are immediately crushed into flakes. Baklouti peppers are one of the aromatic base notes of Tunisian cuisine, especially heated in olive oil at the start of a dish’s preparation. They are an especially important embellishment in couscous, sprinkled in right before adding the sauce. These peppers contain almost no seeds, so the flakes are mostly the skin and meat of the pepper. Perfect on the top of an egg sandwich too! As with all Mahjoub products, these are organic with absolutely no additives.

Recommended Uses

Flakes are wonderful in olive oil as it heats in the beginning of a cooking preparation. Can also be sprinkled on top of any dish, including on sandwiches, eggs, and in all sauces.

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Organic baklouti pepper flakes