Tunisian Tabil Spice Blend (organic)

Producer: Les Moulins Mahjoub Origin: Mejerda Valley, Tunisia

Tabil is a classic Berber/Amazigh spice blend used in kitchens all around Tunisia. Thought to be an “extension” of harissa, tabil represents the soul of the mother and her flavorful cooking; every mother might have a unique spice blend. The Mahjoub tabil is a bouquet of spices composed of three quarters of coriander, and the remaining quarter of caraway, dried Baklouti pepper, garlic, and salt. It is blended after 14 days of drying. This process of drying, preserving, and concentrating flavor has been practiced by the Berbers/Amazigh for centuries. Tabil is wonderful as a flavor enhancer in most dishes.

Flavor Profile

warm and earthy with a bright top note

Recommended Uses

add to any Tunisian dish: couscous, stews, marinades, spreads, or sprinkle on flatbread

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Organic Coriander, Organic Sundried Garlic, Organic Sundried Pepper, Organic Caraway Seeds, Salt.