Cravot de Barbera (Ubriaco)

Producer: Caseificio Paje Origin: Piedmont, Italy

Cravot de Barbera – nicknamed Ubriaco (“drunk” in Italian) – is an aged goat’s milk cheese aromatized and matured with Barbera D.O.C. red wine. The well-balanced and rich flavor is a testament to its skillful aging process – it is uniquely aged for two months in cellars, and then two months soaked in decadent and flavorful wine. This cheese has an intense aroma, a soft and supple texture, and a sweet and fruity flavor profile. The fresh and aromatic nuances from the Barbera D.O.C. wine result in a flavorful synergy that leaves a lasting impression. Ideal pairings would be a glass of robust, full-bodied red wine such as Barolo or Barbaresco to further elevate the flavors. Accompanying this cheese with some crusty Italian bread and a side of spiced fruit chutney can create a delightful gastronomic experience that highlights the rich complexity of Ubriaco. 


4 months

; Milk:

Pasteurized Goat

; Rind:

Natural, soaked in wine

; Source:

Two Farms

Flavor Profile

Complex, fresh, fruity.

How to Prepare

Let it temper at room temperature before serving.

Recommended Uses

Serve with full-bodied red, crusty bread, and fruit chutney.

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PJ01002.5 kg wheels2/case12 lb


Pasteurized goat’s milk, vegetable rennet, and salt – and soaked in Barbera D.O.C.