Producer: Casado Origin: Castilla-Leon, Spain

A rare made-to-order Rogers Collection selection, Veigadarte is a French-style goat milk buche, but made in Spain with the milk from the Murciano-Granadina and Verata goat breeds. The result is incredibly mouth-coating and luscious, with an earthy, yeasty tang.

Milk Type:

goat (pasteurized)

; Aged:

1 month

; Breed:

Marciano-Granadina and Verata

; Rind Style:

bloomy, with ash

; Milk Source:

local herd

Flavor Profile

Aroma: dirt

Texture: gooey and dense

Flavor: earth

How to Prepare

Vegetable ash is added to the rind, accounting for the grey speckled appearance.

Recommended Uses

This cheese pairs wonderfully with sparkling cava and citrus fruit.

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451442lb2/case4 lb


Goat milk (pasteurized), animal rennet, enzymes, activated carbon and salt