Veigadarte con Malta

Producer: Casado Origin: Castilla-Leon, Spain

A subtle 45-day aged goat cheese that is well-balanced with hints of nuttiness. It is a mild and slightly creamy with an edible rind. Malt of toasted barley provides the outer layer of Veigadarte con Malta in addition to the expected Penicillium candidum. Milk comes from the dairy’s herd of a mix of two Spanish goat breeds, one called “Florida,” and one called “Murciana.” 

Flavor Profile

Mild goat cheese with hints of nuttiness, slightly creamy.

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Item No.SizePackWeight
45142450 g8 wheels8 lb
451432 kg2 wheels9 lb


Pasteurized goat milk, malt of toasted barley, salt, animal rennet, calcium chloride, lactic ferments

Gold, World Cheese Awards, 2018