White Balsamic

Producer: Cattani Origin: Modena, Italy

Produced by the Cattani family, this vinegar is made using sweet must from the family’s own organically grown white grapes. The secret to their vinegar is using only the highest quality grapes (Trebbiano) and adhering to the family’s strong commitment against using additives of any kind. The richly perfumed must is not cooked but rather reduced at a low temperature so as to preserve the delicate golden color. It is then mixed with aged white vinegar and put into barrels for less than 6 months.


less than 6 months

; Grape Variety:


; Acetic Acid:


Flavor Profile

A harmonious balance of sweet and sour flavors, which is achieved by using a larger percentage (65%) of concentrated grape must, and only 35% wine vinegar.

Recommended Uses

This young vinegar is perfect for grilled vegetables, fish and white meat as it will not change the dishes’ natural color.

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2010, Silver, Outstanding Vinegar, SOFI Awards