Producer: Kamā Origin: Jordan

A most ubiquitous Levantine spice blend, but with the highest quality ingredients. Handpicked, sundried, and ground thyme is at the heart of this spice blend. A symbol of Levantine culture, use za’atar as an aromatic seasoning or pair with olive oil. 

Flavor Profile

zesty, aromatic

How to Prepare

To be stored in dry storage at room temperature before and after opening.

Recommended Uses

Best with olive oil, as a marinade, or spread on breads and more! Glaze meats and vegetables with olive oil, then rub the distinctive thyme blend liberally over them for an intense, earthy flavor. Sprinkle on soft cheese, or try with bread and olive oil. Mix into a salad dressing for an herbal tone. 

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first grade dried ground thyme, roasted sesame, sumac, extra virgin olive oil, salt, caraway, cumin