“Agridulce” Balsamic Vinegar

Producer: Marqués de Valdueza Origin: Extremadura, Spain

This “agridulce” balsamic vinegar made from a 60/40 blend of the Marques de Valdueza Estate’s own red wine vinegar produced in 2013 and grape must concentrate, cellared since 2007. EU labeling restrictions obliged MdV to call the agridulce vinegar “balsamic”, but don’t think “Aceto di Modena”. This is a different product: a finishing vinegar that will liven up a variety of dishes in your kitchen. Both of the red wine vinegar and grape must originate from the estate’s Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon grape vines. The fresh concentrated grape must is produced artisanally and rests in French oak barrels while the red wine vinegar is made from juice from pressed grapes not used for wine production, because at Marqués de Valdueza, only the finest, gravity-produced juice is transformed into wine. The vinegar is fermented using the traditional, slow Orleans method to preserve the distinct aromas and flavors. Both must and vinegar are then combined make the “agridulce” balsamic vinegar. The developing liquid is then transferred to four-year-old French oak barrels, for a minimum aging of 20 months. The vinegar is rose gold in color and perfect for unique pairings. 

Flavor Profile

Lightly sweet and round with toasted notes of caramel, figs, and raisins.

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red wine vinegar, grape must.